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Cobblestone Farms

About us

Romantic but realistic, picturesque yet practical, historic and hard wearing, cobblestone streets and structures are distinctive and charming and can be found throughout the world. From roads and streets as far back as ancient Roman times, to farm houses in the UK from the 1400s and the US in the 1800s, to computer games in the 2000s, cobblestones have been part of life for a long time.

Cobble stones are defined as a natural material for building. Durable and hardwearing and as you can see throughout the streets of many European towns, have withstood centuries.

Reviving stone houses is very popular and has kept the charm alive. Today, many cobblestone farms have been transformed into historic buildings, event spaces and function centres while the farmlands have moved on from the days of simple arable and pastoral to cutting edge techniques of organic and sustainable. As cherished as cobblestone farms and farm houses are today, the techniques and methods to farm the land have developed well beyond the early times that they represent.

Staying ahead of the curve in farming and agriculture means having the best farming machinery to implement the best farming techniques. That requires best farming equipment finance. We combine new and old, the romantic and the realistic, practical and the passionate, with our overview of farming techniques, equipment and finance to bring your farm, whether it has a cobblestone farm house or a contemporary residence, to better production levels.


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Cobblestones were traditionally used to build roads by the Romans as far back as 200 BC. Used because they were cheap and abundant. In 1400s through to 1800s cobblestone architecture emerged and the stones were used to build structures including cobblestone farm houses. READ MORE


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Accessing reliable and trustworthy information and contacts can be critical to everyone, but especially the farm sector. In areas where internet connections are not as fast and strong as in major cities and when you’re working on your property all day, you don’t want to have to waste hours searching and browsing for information. We’ve collated some key resources as references for you. READ MORE