As you have read, growing up in this area was pretty special in having so much family around. I have always been involved in one way or another with the trees. This lead to my interest in landscaping. I earned an Associate Degree in Landscape Design from Temple University. I've worked in various greenhouses and nurseries gathering experience from a number of different positions. After starting my own family, I started my own business of landscaping and maintenance. I discontinued design and consult in 2013 due to time constrants. My design experience is also used as a professional floral designer. I will do wedding and special occasion fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are done only for those special events and I limit those to only a few times a year. I have always been involved with some type of craft or painting. I started a small candle business and still hand pour a line of candles. Slate painting has become a pleasurable craft. At times, you may find me behind the counter, painting slates or ceramics. I have kept up with the tree business by attending Christmas Tree Management seminars and courses.

The opportunity to purchase the barn from my Uncle was presented to me and within a short time my dream has come true of owning a shop. With my wide knowledge of the gift business as well as the landscape field, I believe I can offer my customers plenty to satisfy a number of needs.

The Gift Shoppe will be open year round with seasonal hours to provide for those needing quick and different gifts as well as those just looking for something special for themselves. The Garden Shoppe will contain a large assortment of garden ornaments and decor.

I welcome all and would love to talk with you about your needs.

Blessings to all,
Debbie Althouse

Barn Restoration 2006
The barn was restored to preserve our heritage in Brecknock Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.
We may not be able to honor our ancestors with keeping and tending to farmland as they did. But, we can honor them with preserving what we can to meet these ever so demanding times.
Debbie Althouse
Martin Althouse and wife, Nora Althouse purchased the barn and property with the intention of raising their children there. Marty jockeyed cows out of the barn stalls. He bought young calves and raised them until they could be sold. His family joined in, as was expected in those days, to farm the land. Hay was stacked to the roof in the upper level of the barn to provide food for the livestock. Eventually, Marty grew a business he loved, construction. As his children grew and went away to serve our country and start new families, the farming slowly ended. Five of his children built homes on the property and live there to this day. Some of his grandchildren have also built and live on the property that is now divided among his descendents.
One section of the property that was used for farmland was named 'Cobblestone Hills' by Marty. This was due to the number of cobblestones in the soils of this area. A good portion of that part of the property was bought by Marty's youngest son, Charles (Debbie's father), and planted with Christmas trees. Christmas trees have been grown on this property for over 40 years with the help of Charles' wife, Martha. Christmas trees were sold in front of the barn 50 years ago. After Charles built his home on Witmer Road, he began to sell the trees in his front yard. He and his wife built up the tree business into a well established business with customers returning generation after generation. Debbie has been well involved with all aspects the tree nursery. Charles' named his Nursery originally 'Cobblestone Acres'. This name dissolved and became 'Althouse Nursery'. Althouse Nursery is still operating. 'Cobblestone Farms' serves to combine all the history of the Althouse properties.
Cobblestone Farms
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