Best Machinery For Farms

To maintain optimum output, safeguard soil and livestock quality and protect properties from the impacts of the environment and natural weather events, farm owners and operators aspire to acquiring the best farm machinery. This may be the best on the market or the best they can afford, depending on individual circumstances. But regardless of those circumstances, the agricultural sector is extremely active in staying across new developments in machinery which may improve their productivity and profitability.

Precision farming requires precision equipment. Farm machinery manufacturers are constantly working on developing new and improved equipment to assist the agricultural sector. At the same time, innovative producers are adapting and developing their own equipment to cater for emerging trends, crops and purposes.

Leading Manufacturers

The brand names that have historically led the farm machinery industry continue to dominate.

John Deere, one of the most respected names in agribusiness, continues to release precision farming equipment to suit a wide range of applications. The company is investing in development of innovation and technology and exploring artificial intelligence, connectivity and automation in its new products.

Also a big name is New Holland, with a highly recognised name that appears on properties across the country. New Holland focuses on being a leader in clean energy in its engine design as well as developing its range in data management software and systems.

Case IH is a big name in ag and a major contributor to developments in farming systems and practices over a long period. The company has a proven commitment to developing agricultural solutions through innovative products.

Types of Machinery

Farming is a broad and diverse sector and the machinery required by each property varies depending on land size, soil type, crops and livestock and farming methods used. But regardless of developments in innovation and technology, the major categories of machinery remain as:-

  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Irrigations systems
  • Tillage and seeding machinery
  • Trucks
  • Spraying machinery
  • Technology systems

Buying the Best Farm Machinery

Budget and cash flow will usually determine the decision between buying new or used farm machinery. For new equipment, the major manufacturers have dealer networks around Australia:

To find a dealer:


The second hand farm machinery market is strong and there are many online platforms available to browse what is available, including  and

Sourcing Finance

To optimise the impact of your new machinery on your production and profitability you will need a great farm machinery finance deal. To assist you, we’ve outlined the options and sources for a great deal.

If you are considering a farm machinery purchase and require finance, we know people who operate in this sector and can pass on their details to you. Contact us for more information.